HN Workshop – ITEX 2015

We organised a workshop on herbivory during the 21st ITEX meeting in Uppsala.The aim of the workshop was to discuss the impacts of herbivory, both by vertebrate and invertebrate herbivores, within experimental warming manipulations.  Discussions were guided by an outline that was made available to participants before the workshop.  As a result of the workshop we are now working on a draft on current knowledge and future challenges in understanding the role of herbivory in modulating the responses of tundra plants to warming, with a special focus on integrating herbivores into warming experiments.The workshop was organized by Johan Olofsson, Isabel C Barrio and Ingibjörg Svala Jónsdóttir.

Workshop agenda – Friday Sept 18, 2015 (10:00 – 12:20). Room R


Herbivory in the Arctic, the past, the present and the future? Johan Olofsson


Herbivory in ITEX: standardized protocols and progress since last ITEX meeting. Isabel C Barrio


Presentation of the workshop: plan and expected outcomes


Coffee break


Discussion groups


Wrap-up and conclusions


Reporting to participants in other workshops