Herbivory Protocols

There is a clear need for standardized methods for measuring herbivory in Arctic and alpine ecosystems. This was one of the main points raised during the workshop in Helsinki back in April 2014, and the focus of discussions in the side meeting in Trondheim in December 2014. So far, we have developed protocols for different groups of herbivores (vertebrates, invertebrates), focusing on the impacts of herbivores on specific parts of the ecosystem (soils), or targeted to specific experimental designs (International Tundra Experiment ITEX protocol).

Specific protocols can be found below:

Invertebrate herbivory protocol

ITEX herbivory protocol

Effects of herbivory on soils protocol

Please contact us for more information about protocols, or if you would like to collaborate on any of these projects.

Photo Credit: Lawrence Hislop, Norwegian Polar Institute